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Instructional Videos

Different uses for the GolfPosturePOD

Demonstration of the GolfPosturePOD on Swing Clinic
The New Consumer version of the GolfPosturePOD! 

The New Consumer version of the GolfPosturePOD was designed to allow feel and feedback of a good athletic impact posiiton.  
The Original "Professional" GolfPosturePOD Product 

The Original Professional Version of the GolfPosturePOD prvided a full array of training and developmental capability along with the feel and feedback of the Consumer version.  The videos below explain many iof these uses that also apply to the Consumer unit.
The Original "Professional" GolfPosturePOD Product shown in the tutorials and news clips below was sold as a full capabilty training platform for professional use by PGA Tour Pros.  The videos provide overviews and demonstrations of the patented GolfPosturePOD product applicable to the new Consumer version.   
The Original GolfPosturePOD in the videos below was designed not only to measure 'posture' during the entire golf swing, but also to provide several unique training applications for common swing faults. 
Introduction to the GolfPosturePOD Product
Wayne DeFrancesco, PGA Promotes the GolfPosturePOD
GolfPosturePOD Segment on Channel 12 CT News
Additional Video - Tips from the MET PGA Section
Addressing Common Swing Faults - Sway
Addressing Common Swing Faults - Slide
Addressing Common Leg Swing Fault
Using the GolfPosturePOD for Hip Acceleration Training
GolfPosturePOD Putting Drill 
Paul Kenney PGA demonstrates Short Game Training 1
Paul Kenney PGA demonstrates Short Game Training 2
GolfPosturePOD Takeaway and Impact Drills
GolfPosturePOD Sling-Back Drill
GolfPosturePOD Upper/Lower Body Separation Drill
GolfPOD Single Leg Balance Drill 
GolfPosturePOD Medicine Ball Drills