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Product Testimonials

“Eanna has developed a wonderful teaching tool to eliminate early extension in the golf swing. Students can now hit golf balls while receiving instant visual feedback and avoid this tragic swing flaw and play
better golf.” 

Sam Wiley, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Wee Burn Country Club
Darien, CT

“I have known and worked with Eanna Rushe for 20 years. He is “the expert” on the body I call on when I need advice. His GolfPosturePOD will be part of my teaching, bet on it! It is one of greatest training devices I have ever seen. Every golfer needs the home model. It is a must. This guy is a genuis!”

Tom Patri
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America
Metropolitan PGA Teacher of the Year
South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year
2X SW Florida PGA Teacher of the Year.


“I cannot believe what a change in my swing you
have created! The key is a straight, flat spine; sinking
lower at address and staying there; then firing
with the belt buckle first. The change is amazing! I
can’t believe I wasted the last 25 years and countless
golf lessons NOT swinging this way!”
"Fabulous instructional tool...very unique...biggest plus - it is going to help
my game!"
Rick Vershure, PGA
Head Golf Professional,
Quaker Ridge Golf Club, Scarsdale, NY.

"Fabulous instructional tool... very unique ...biggest plus - it is going to help my game!"

Rick Vershure, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Quaker Ridge Golf Club, Scarsdale, NY

“I was pretty impressed to see and experience the machine that you created. The idea behind it is simple and easy to understand for the student. It promotes and reinforces all the pre-swing principles
and correct swing motion during the swing. It’s a great visual teaching aid and also makes you feel the correct motion; The straps on the sides will help you anchor your body to promote a good coil between
your upper body and lower body.”

Alicia Dibos, LPGA
Director of Instruction
Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, NY

Product Testimonials

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