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:::::Introducing the new

The GolfPosturePOD™

The GolfPosturePOD™ is a patented training aid that is designed to help golfers of all levels and abilities to “feel” what it is like to use their lower body properly on the downswing and to maintain their posture. Avoiding "early extension" and maintaining posture or spine angle is characteristic of better golfers, especially PGA/LPGA tour players.

The GolfPosturePOD™ will give immediate feedback to a golfer on whether he  maintained his posture or came out of the shot. The golfer will learn how to use his lower body much more effectively on the downswing. PGA teaching pros can use it with their students to help dramatically in their teaching. It can be used for both the long  game and the short game.

Maintaining posture leads to:

• More power and speed

• More control
• More consistency

The amateur golfer can have significant spine angle changes during the downswing which leads to:
• Errant shots
• Lack of consistency
• The dreaded “high and right shot”
• Loss of power

Use the GolfPosturePOD™ to focus your training and get real benefits.


• Corrects the most common swing fault in golf: "early extension" or 
loss of posture  
• Immediate feedback
• Feel what it is like to be in a better impact position
• Work on short game or full swing
• Balance